We’re outta here!

Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that esMobile is now known as Nomadic Ratio (it’s still us, no buyouts or anything!), and we’re hanging our hats over at http://www.nomadicratio.com from now on.

So if you want the latest updates on what we’re doing or want to get in touch, please head over there and check it out. We won’t be updating this tumblr anymore after this post.



Anonymous asked: Is there a Windows version of Reverse Lookup available?

At this time, there is not.

However, we are exploring the idea of creating a web version that can be used on any device.

Please keep an eye out here or on Google+ for more info when we can share it.


Anonymous asked: can this reverse lookup a VOIP phone?

For VOIP numbers it can be hit or miss as they can easily be spoofed and sometimes change with each call made.



Hi, after you lookup a number, on the results screen, press the button labeled “Copy data to clipboard”. After this, you can long press on any text input in Android and a “Paste” button will appear. 


Anonymous asked: How do I get the app to work after firmware update on Samsung s2?

You shouldn’t have to do anything special, but sometimes firmware updates can screw with permissions. If you are getting crashes you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

If that doesn’t help please get our email address from the app listing and shoot us a message so we can help you further. Thanks!


Anonymous asked: 970-692-3850 is this cell phone linked to an adress?

Sorry, as mentioned in the app description there is no public data available for cell phone numbers, so we don’t know.


Anonymous asked: Feature request for Reverse Lookup: Be able to file a complaint to the Do-Not-Call registry with the single press of a button.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll look into this and see if it’s possible for us to provide a way to do this in a future version.

Crash fix for Motorola Razr owners (Reverse Lookup)

Hi all. Just had a back-and-forth with a user who was having issues with the app crashing on his Razr phone after receiving Verizon’s 4.1.2 update. Apparantly this update causes many issues with the device, one being that some apps actually lose their permissions!

The user was able to solve the issue by uninstalling Reverse Lookup and then reinstalling. This forces the phone to re-accept the needed permissions.

This information will be added to the FAQ as well.

Reverse Lookup FAQ Updated

We’ve just updated the Reverse Lookup FAQ to address a nagging issue you may experience on a Samsung phone running a newer version of Android.

If you own a Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Note, or Note 2, it may be worth checking out and keeping in mind.

Thanksgiving Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!

Reverse Lookup+ is now 50% off until Monday 11/26 on the Play Store.