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Diet Points Calculator is a simple way to manage your diet by helping you discover points values for any food as well as cataloging those foods for future reference. You can also track your points intake so you always know how much more you can eat in a day.

Notes and Tips:

  • The main screen allows you to quickly lookup the points value for any food. After the points are calculated, you’ll have the option to provide more information and save the food for later reference.
  • The Saved Foods screen shows you all of the foods you’ve ever cataloged in a quick listing. You can long press on any entry to jump right to editing that food or to delete it from the list. Clicking on a food item will bring up it’s detail screen, which shows all of the information stored for that food. 
  • On the Food Detail screen, you can press your phone’s menu key and choose to log the food for a particular day, edit the information about the food, or delete the food altogether. When you delete a food item, it is also removed from all entries in your food journal.
  • The Journal screen shows you your food journal, sorted by day(descending). Click on any day to view a list of the foods that you ate on that day. You can also long press on individual foods to remove them from that day’s log.
  • You can use your phone’s search key on either the main screen or the food list screen to search for a particular food you’ve saved to the database.

Coming Soon:

There are several planned additions that will be coming in future updates:

  • Automatic backup of your food database and journal to your sd card or storage partition.
  • The ability to import food data from “food packs” that will be distributed through the Android Market.
  • Tablet support
  • The option to choose from rounded points values or exact points values.
  • The option to input your points goal so you can see how close to your quota you are more easily.
  • A “calories mode” for people who aren’t on the points diet. 


Food Journal - Detail Screen

Journal - Detail Screen

Diet Points Calculator Classic:

If you used DPC before the 2.0 update and prefer the old interface without the ability to store foods or journal your diet, you can use the barcode below to obtain the “old version”, now known as Diet Points Calculator Classic.

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