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Reverse Lookup is an Android application that simplifies the act of discovering the identity of an unknown caller.

With just 1 click, Reverse Lookup will search several public directories in an attempt to identify a mystery number. It will even look to user-generated directories if no official results are found.

Once caller information is found, the user is presented with several options.

  • View map
  • Save Contact
  • Block Future Calls
  • Google for more information
  • Copy data to clipboard for use in other applications

For screenshots and more information, see the app’s listing on the Android market(link above).

An ad-free version is also available. (Reverse Lookup Plus)


Although they are frequently requested features(and we would love to be able to add them), there are three things that this app cannot possibly do(nor can any other app):

  1. Lookup cell phone numbers - There is no public directory of cell phone numbers so it is impossible to lookup. Reverse Lookup can usually identify the number’s carrier, but nothing beyond that.
  2. Identify BLOCKED numbers - Blocked numbers are completely unseen to your phone, so it’s impossible to unveil them.
  3. Locate a cell phone by GPS - Imagine the security implications if you could locate a stranger via the GPS on their phone! Thankfully, this isn’t possible. The locations returned by Reverse Lookup refer to the area where the phone number was originally registered.

** If you are only seeing outgoing calls on the app’s main screen, this probably applies to you: Motorola/Verizon Users **


How do I get the call list in the app to update?

Each time the app launches, it pulls the latest applicable numbers from your call log. If you have a phone with lots of RAM, it will update less frequently. To make sure it is always updated, exit the app by using your phones BACK button. This will kill the app each time, and when you use it next time it will launch fresh and update your numbers. 

How do I delete numbers from the main list in the app?

Just delete the numbers from your phone’s call log. Again, the app must relaunch to show this change, so follow the advice above as well.

If you are using an ICS or later Samsung device and there are still numbers listed after you clear your call log, please scroll down for the solution.

How do I unblock a number that I blocked with the app?

Open your contacts list, scroll to the bottom and you will find all the numbers you blocked with the app listed with the prefix zzBlocked. Just find the number you’d like to unblock and delete the contact that goes with it.

How does “One Click Mode” work?

In using Reverse Lookup ourselves, we realized that most of the time we launched it, we did so to lookup the most recent unknown call we’ve received.. One Click Mode is for anyone that  primarily uses the app this way.

When this is activated in the preferences screen, each time you launch the app, it will bypass the call log list and immediately start to search for information on the most recent , unknown number in your log.

You can still access the main screen by using your phone’s back button after the lookup has finished.

Why is the app trying to charge me to access information about a caller?

Short answer.. it’s not! No data in this app is behind a paywall. We’ve seen this question pop up a few times in market reviews, so my best guess is that the user clicked on an ad within the app, which then asked for payment for unlisted call data. We give you everything we can find, anything that’s published, 100% for free.

I have a Samsung phone and there are still numbers shown in Reverse Lookup even after I’ve cleared my call log.. why?

On devices running Android 4.0 ICS or later, Samsung has combined SMS logs with the standard Android call log. To clear Reverse Lookup’s main list completely, follow this method:

  1. Navigate to the phone’s call log
  2. Press Menu » View By » All Messages
  3. Press Menu » Delete
  4. Select all OR select individual messages from unknown numbers
  5. Tap Delete
Why does the app crash on my Motorola Droid Razr?

Verizon recently issued a problematic Android 4.1.2 update to the Razr phone series. One issue that the bad update causes is for some applications to lose their needed permissions, which then causes a crash. If your copy of Reverse Lookup stopped working after this update, please follow these steps to solve the issue:
  1. Uninstall the app using the Apps settings menu on your device
  2. Re-install the app from the Play Store.

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